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Cross-compiling Hop

Cross-compiling Hop requires first to prepare a cross-capable version of the Bigloo compiler. The procedure is described in the Cross Compilation section of the Bigloo manual. The distribution also contains specific documentations for cross-compiling Bigloo for Raspberry and Android platforms.

In addition to that specific version, cross-compiling Hop also requires a standard Bigloo version and a standard Hop version. Assuming that these are installed in the /usr/local/bin/ directory and that the cross compiler version is install in the /opt/cross directory, Hop must be configured with:

./configure \
     --bigloo=/usr/local/bin/bigloo \
     --bigloolibdir=/opt/cross/lib/bigloo/4.3b \
     --hopc=/usr/local/bin/hopc \

Then Hop must be compiled and installed using the regular method:

make && make install