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The hopjs.el file contains various customizations and extensions of the official Emacs js-mode.el for editing HopScript code. Its main features are:

  1. Mixed JavaScript/HTML automatic indentation.
  2. On-line documentation access.
  3. Parenthesis/tag matching.
  4. Automatic closing context.


The file hopjs.el is installed into the directory:


To use it, proceeds as follows:

  1. Add the INSTALLPREFIX/share/hop/site-lisp/hopjs.el to the Emacs load path. For that add the $HOME/.emacs file the following expression:
    (setq load-path (cons "INSTALLPREFIX/share/hop/site-lisp" load-path))
  2. Add the hopjs.el file in the autoload of your emacs configuration. Append to $HOME/.emacs the following expression:
    (autoload 'hopjs-mode-hook "hopjs" "Hop.js javascript mode hook" t)
  3. Hook the hopjs.el facilities to the official js-mode.el:
    (add-hook 'js-mode-hook 'hopjs-mode-hook)
  4. Customize the js-mode indentation to conform the HopScript coding style:
    (custom-set-variables '(js-indent-level 3))

Key bindings

The hopjs.el mode defines the following key bindings:


The hopjs.el configuration can be access with:

ESC-X: customize-group hopjs