Hopslide - An application for presenting Slides on the Web


HopSlide is a HOP tool for authoring and playing HTML slides. It supports animations, annotations (slide overlays), math formulas (MathML support and TeX syntax support), SVG images, and canvas graphical effects. HopSlide can be used to compile slides into stand alone XHTML files. These files can be used by XHTML capable browsers (e.g., Firefox). Compiled slides files can be used to play the slides without HopSlide.

Install and run HopSlide

  1. Download and install Hop (the impatients can use the pre-compiled JVM version, although it is significantly slower than the native version).
  2. Click the Install/Update button above (or the Run if you only want to give HopSlide a try).

What is HopSlide good at?

  • Math: HopSlide can render math formulas written using the TeX syntax.
  • SVG images: HopSlide can embed SVG images, resize, and crop then . It can also dynamic animate the SVG images (for instance for implementing animations).
  • Programming Animations: HopSlide provides a canvas that slides can use to implement fancy animations.
  • Playing the slides on a remote computer: just browse the URL of HopSlide from a remote computer (for instance, play your slides on a vanilla Windows Vista machine provided by a conference room even though you have authorized your slides on your Linux laptop).

Who is HopSlide meant for?

HopSlide is meant for people that:
  • does not specially like wysiwyg systems (LaTeX users ?).
  • wants to use their own preferred editor (emacs ?) even for slides.
  • likes programming and think that sometime programming slides can be useful.

Who is HopSlide is not meant for?

HopSlide is not meant for those of you that deem that a slide authoring system has to be wysiwyg.

What is needed to use HopSlide?

  • Hop v2.3.0 or more recent is required for creating the slides.
  • Hop is not required to play the slides. Firefox (or any browsers that can be used to visualize xhtml files) is the only requirement for playing a presentation.
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