Hop Documentation Center
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Access ControlMD5 checksum
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)MULTIMEDIA library
AudioMathML support
BASE64 encoding/decodingNotepad widget
CGI arguments parsingOuter Windows
Canvas supportOutput
Cascading style sheet (HSS)Pan widget
CharsetParameters and Preferences
Colorchooser widgetRSS 2.0 markups
Conditional CompilationRegular Expressions
CookiesSHA1 checksum
Delayed executionsSQLITE library
Document Object Model (DOM)SVG support
Editor widgetServer Filters
EventsServer Hooks
ExceptionsServer Services
File chooserServer caching facilities
Folding listsServer class for HTTP messages
Font facilitiesServer parsing source code
Gauge widgetServer requests
HEAD and FOOT markupsServer responses
HOP server configurationSlider widget
HOP server runtime command filesSpage widget
HOP server settingsSpinButton widget
HTML markupsSymbols (aka, special characters)
HTTP remote requestsTabslider
History (aka, "back button" support)Timeout on client side
IMG markupTree widget
INLINE markupURL processing
INPUT markupVideo
Interactive "sortable" tablesWebDAV
JavaScript compatibility Wiki facilities
LabelFrame widgetXML
Login panel 
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